About East Side Story

East Side Story Improv was founded in 2013 and started performing after open mic music nights at the much-missed Sliders Cafe in Carnation, WA. Perhaps it helped that our audience had usually been drinking for two hours before we even started, but we had a great time and the group continued to grow and expand.

The Seattle area has long had a vibrant and creative improv scene, but most of the performances were across the bridges. ESS started running regular four-group monthly improv shows in Bellevue in early 2016, bringing improv to the growing eastside population. Our cast has grown, and today's cast includes performers with training from Unexpected Productions, Jet City Improv, Second City, iO West, and other well-known improv theaters.


our cast



Anna happily joined the cast of ESS in January of 2018. She has performed improv, stand-up, sketch, theater, and music on stages throughout the US and Canada. She is a woman of many talents whose recent adventures include interior design assistance, pastoral ministry, and motherhood. Anna loves experiencing the unexpected with others and laughing along the way.



Joining ESS in 2014, Christine’s been 'a character' ever since learning the powers of being an only child. Starting with high school drama, she dabbled in theater and then moved on to grab improv by the horns.  While she loves Wicked and Avenue Q, she's starting a campaign to have the Walking Dead turned into a Broadway musical.  She enjoys hiking, CrossFit, drinking, and people-watching.



A founding member of ESS, Jeremy began his romance with improv in 1988, taking classes from Matt Smith and Roberta Maguire. Following a steamy affair with Cascade Community Theater, he returned to his first love in 2012, when he joined Split Second Improv. In 2013, while taking classes at Unexpected Productions, he enticed his fellow students to join him on stage at Sliders Café and East Side Story began.

kevin square


Kevin joined the ESS cast in September of 2018. He started his improvisational adventures at Second City in Chicago in 1986, then migrated to Los Angeles' Second City Theater in 2004. Kevin is a screenwriter whose credits include 'Karaoke Man' (Amazon Prime) and the limited series "twentysixmiles".





Originally from Minneapolis and most recently LA, Patrick is part of the 2017 class of ESS cast members. In LA, he studied at iO West, Westside Comedy and Monkey Butler. He enjoys analyzing narratives (talking stories) and having psychological/existential conversations while he's drinking. Needless to say, he's currently single.




Discovered while drinking nearby the ESS founders’ table one night, Rupa immediately found a way into the group’s hearts and livers after buying them shots.  Rupa started improv classes in San Francisco back in ‘02, and re-ignited her training in Seattle in 2012.  She grounds her scenes with whatever wit and sophistication she has left after tending to her young kids.




Sky hails from the wilds of western Montana, and has trained at both Unexpected Productions Improv School and the Jet City Improv Academy. Sky is thrilled to be a part of East Side Story and performing on the SecondStory Repertory stage.  When she’s not ’provin’, Sky works in TV/Video production.  She has produced reality TV, educational children’s television, and most thrilling of all… corporate videos!



Steven has been a member of ESS since 2013, and feels like ESS is his second family. You may also have seen him playing with Split Second Improv, or in live stage performances such as "Beauty and the Beast"' at Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater and various shows at SecondStory Repertory. He believes that ESS is not a group you should miss, and he can't wait to perform for you.